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GDOT wins Silver Award for Innovative Use of RCC on I-285 Shoulders
Watch Video and Read Article

National Partnership for Highway Quality (NPHQ)
Making A Difference Award
"Breaking The Mold" Category
TRB Presentation on RCC
Roller Compacted Concrete Shoulder Construction on Interstate Highway in Georgia
by Stanley Kim, GDOT

From Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Board, No. 2040, Transportation Research Board of the National Academies, Washington, D.C., 2007, pp. 71-79. Abstract posted with permission of the Transportation Research Board. For complete paper, please link to

2006 Virginia Concrete Conference Presentation

I-285 Asphalt Shoulder Replacement with Roller-Compacted Concrete, Atlanta, GA
Southeast Construction Magazine
May 2005 Issue
"Paving With Roller-Compacted Concrete - New Application Used Along Shoulders of Atlanta Perimeter"



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What is RCC?


RCC, a durable paving material that carries heavy loads, is now developing as a fast, economical construction method for dams, off-highway pavement projects, heavy-duty parking and storage areas, and as a base for conventional pavement. RCC is a stiff, zero-slump concrete mixture with the consistency of damp gravel comprised of local aggregates or crushed recycled concrete, Portland cement, and water. The mixture is placed and roller compacted with the same commonly available equipment used for asphalt pavement construction. The process requires no forms, finishing, surface texturing, or joint sawing and sealing.

Because of its low water-cement ratio, RCC typically has high strengths similar to, or even greater than, conventional concrete. RCC's high-strength properties combined with ease of construction and high rate of production often make RCC more economical than a flexible pavement. Additionally, more than 20 years of exposure as logging roads in cold climates have demonstrated that RCC has adequate resistance to freezing and thawing.


RCC Design Seminar
Atlanta, GA
Speaker Presentations:

RCC Applications and Design
Wayne Adaska, P.E.

RCC Construction & Project Case Histories
Will Gray

Project Report-Houston Port
Jim McQueen, P.E.

GDOT Applications of RCC
Bryant Poole, P.E.

Project Report
City of Chattanooga
Ariel Soriano, P.E.


* * * * *

RCC Design Seminar
Louisville, KY
Speaker Presentations:

Introduction & Applications of RCC
Robert Thompson, P.E.
11.8 MB

Mix Design & Construction of RCC
Wayne Adaska, P.E.
5.63 MB

Local Projects
John Vaughan
1.34 MB

DOT Experience - I-285 Shoulders in Georgia
Bryant Poole, P.E.
7.1 MB

Pavement Thickness Design & RCC-Pave Software
Wouter Gulden, P.E.
1 MB

RCC Construction Demo
Mike Kaelin
2.6 MB

* * * * *

RCC Design Seminar
Atlanta, GA
Speaker Presentations:

Applications of RCC
David Luhr
  5.48 MB

Pavement Thickness Design & RCC Pave Software
Greg Halsted
1.16 MB

Density Testing Standards
Bob Joines
3.45 MB


* * * * *

RCC Design Seminar
Atlanta, GA
Speaker Presentations:

Introduction to RCC
Matt Singel
1.62 MB

Applications of RCC Pavements
David Luhr, P.E., Ph.D.
Portland Cement Association
  5.43 MB

Pavement Thickness Design & RCC Pave Software Demo
Greg Halsted
, P.E.
Portland Cement Association
1.10 MB

Research: Smoothness
& Mix Design
Anton Schindler, Ph.D.
Auburn University
0.98 MB

GDOT I-285 Shoulder Reconstruction Project
Bryant Poole

Georgia DOT
3.54 MB

City Street Projects
Robert Thompson, P.E.
Nickolas Savko & Sons, Inc.
6.90 MB

Port Facilities
Michael Crist, P.E.
Moffatt & Nichol Engineers
5.80 MB


Case Studies:

RCC Project - Aiken County, South Carolina


 Additional Resources:
Portland Cement Association

Note: If you are in the southeast region and are interested in any of the resources for RCC, please contact PCA-SE or your local American Concrete Paving Association, Southeast Chapter, state representative.

Resources Available:

PCA, Southeast Region
2007 RCC Project Database

SN2872 - Laboratory Evaluation of Fatigue Behavior of Thin Bonded Overlays on Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements

This research addressed the behavior of bonded concrete overlays on roller compacted concrete pavements.

PL614 - Automakers Drive Acceptance of Roller-Compacted Concrete
This 2-page case study describes the benefits of RCC paving for large facilities like auto manufacturing plants.

RCC Pavement
PCA, Southeast Region

Call now to get a copy


CD065 Georgia DOT RCCP Shoulders

8-1/2 minute video describing the use of RCC in rebuilding 34 miles of shoulders on I-285 in Atlanta.
RP132 Rolling Out RCC on I-285
Reprint of Dixie Contractor November 2005 Article on the reconstruction of  RCC Shoulders I-285
IS332 - Production of RCC
This brochure explains to a concrete producer the materials and laboratory testing necessary to produce a quality roller-compacted concrete (RCC) mix for pavement applications and looks at a number of alternative mix design procedures and types of batching equipment.

PL397 - The Right Choice for Tough Duty: RCC Pavement

IS009 - Guide Specification for Construction of RCC Pavements

IS233 - Structural Design of RCC for Industrial Pavements

MC 043 - RCC PAVE Design Software

PL397 The Right Choice for Tough Duty: RCC Pavement
Overall description of Roller-Compacted Concrete pavements


CD034 The Right Choice for Tough Duty: RCC Pavement
Pocket sized CD includes VC396, PL397 and IS233

IS009 Guide Specification for
Construction of Roller-Compacted
Concrete Pavements

IS233 Structural Design of Roller Compacted Concrete for Industrial Pavements
Thickness design procedure for RCC pavements at container ports, rail terminals, log-sort areas, and other heavy industrial locations.

RP366 Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements - A Study of Long Term Performance
Details comprehensive field evaluations
of 34 North American RCC pavement projects
up to 20 years old

MC043 RCC PAVE Design Software

Roller Compacted Concrete
Georgia Contractor Reprint - Call for a copy
Roller-Compacted Concrete in Mississippi 
Huge Knoxville RCC Project - Progress in a Hurry
Tennessee Concrete Magazine Article - Winter 2000

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